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What Sets Us Apart


FerroSmith Products are individually handcrafted giving an extremely high standard of quality. All parts are designed using CAD computer software. Metal Parts are cut on a state-of-the-art Laser Cutter, formed on a CNC Bender and finished with a 5 stage Powder Coating process giving the ultimate in corrosion protection and durability. Table tops and deck boxes are properly jointed to create solid waterproof and dust proof surfaces.


Prior to finishing, all metalwork is wire brushed to remove residual carbon deposits left from the laser cutting. Each item is dipped in an acid bath before the colour pigment is applied. The item is then oven baked to harden the pigment to a long lasting, vibrant surface finish that will resist scratches, fading and chipping for many years. This is the ultimate in durable, long lasting metal finishing.


FerroSmith utilizes only the very best materials available. To this end, all surfaces are made from Composite decking material for that extra peace of mind. Materials that are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, be submerged in water, buried and be exposed to the elements on a year round basis. In Canada that means temperatures from minus 40 degrees Celsius to plus 40 degrees Celsius, harsh sun, rain, wind, snow and ice.


If you are going to the trouble to make outdoor furniture as durable as possible, it won't do to hold it all together with an inferior product. FerroSmith utilizes Stainless Steel hardware as a standard. The bolts, washers and nuts will never rust. Nylon self locking nuts are used to ensure that the nuts never loosen.